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Tang Kwong San, Yuen Nga Chi

Landing on the East

‘Landing on the East’ is the first thematic exhibition by Tang Kwong San and Yuen Nga Chi.

An astronaut-associated landing project in which the gravitational pull of the moon affects the tides and examines a

Hong Kong we never know. 

Photographing the deserted borders of Tung Ping Chau, the tourist-filled beaches, and picking up abandoned objects. Using negative photographs to simulate the environment of space and the texture of the moon, the artists documented

the impact of the local smuggling history and current situation. 

The stowaways have already become Hong Kong residents. 1997 is a time when British colonial Hong Kong and

Chinese Hong Kong overlapped, once again, facing a change of identity and a wave of immigration. The artists searched keywords ‘Hong Kong's Handover’ on a second-hand online platform and acquired souvenirs of handover from 1997 to the present day. The traces of time and age of the objects can be discovered through lens, they are the evidence of 23 years-experience.


The exhibition consists of photography, video and installation, creating an otherworldly visual space through interspersing with objects, islands and the moon. As the tide rises and falls, 'astronaut' lifted off again. 


Diana Cheung Experimental Gallery  張靜蘭實驗畫廊 

3/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre

DSC03569 拷貝.JPG
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